With the application: Your entire company is reporting in the application - you know exactly how many cash from each employee in the account right now, without meetings and calls.

Without an application: To understand the financial situation, you need to reduce different reports of all employees, check all transactions on banking operations. It is necessary to keep double accounting for the wizard and the customer. Your "foreman" constantly asks for accounts, you believe in its honesty, check no opportunity. Missing through analytics.

With the application: Your masters are reported to work independently, strictly according to your price, pointing only the volumes performed.

Without an application: Your reports are in different format, with different prices, with a different breakdown of work, one on a sheet of paper, others in WhatsApp, on a piece of GLK, on the walls, in Excel, dictated by phone, etc.

With the application: you know exactly how much you spent on the project, you know how much customers should you. Much more! Your customers know how much you should and for what. All costs occur gradually for the customer, without shocking costs at the end.

Without an application: The main landmark is a comparison of the estimates and amounts of income. It often turns out that by the estimate the customer was calculated, but the amount of additional costs is not known. It is no time to calculate it, and take the amounts of "from the bald" is not acceptable. Chekov's bags The customer does not even want to disassemble, most of the purchased goods cannot remember and considers himself deceived.

With the application: Any employee is enough to scan the QR code on the check and get a complete list of products.

Without an application: If you are a perfectionist, then spend a lot of time to transfer data from checks to the report. If you "oligarch" then hire a girl to transfer data from checks to the report, usually her name is Lena. If you "don't bear anything at all and then spend time on disputes with the customer.

With the application: you know exactly how much you earn.

Without an application: It seems to you, but not exactly that your income is at least $4000, but for some reason there is no money.

With the application: Your price is always at hand and relevant, you can always share them with the customer and with the master. Ready price can be bought with technological maps.

Without an application: Your customer is waiting for you "get to the company". The number of outdated priceers is growing in geometric progression.

With the application: You collect the database of counterparties in one place.
Without an application: You are puzzled by searching for masters every time, forgetting those who have already worked earlier.

With the application: You want to develop your business.

Without an application: You have already got everything, you want to disable the phone and go to another niche.

With the application: you have time to develop the company. The number of projects does not affect the time of accounting.

Without an application: You like a wolf catch the eggs to the basket. The more projects the more difficult accounting and less profit. The ceiling that is difficult to break.
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